Are you looking for a succession strategy with a like-minded, ‘industrial strength’ planning business?
Are you looking to sell or partially sell your business to a like-minded business?
Are you looking to maximise the final sale value of your business by working with someone who understands financial planning, is client-centric and who has scale?
T&C can help you

T&C stands for Tony McDonald & Carl Scarcella – joint founders of the listed wealth management business, Snowball Group Limited and now specialist corporate advisors to the wealth management industry. 

While at Snowball, we completed and successfully integrated over 20 acquisitions and joint ventures, culminating in the merger with Shadforth to create SFG Australia, a $600 million+ market cap company.

We know how to optimise the value of your practice in the eyes of a buyer. We know the language of the buyer and what they are looking for!

Are you ready?
  • Do you have a clear value proposition and advice offering?
  • Is your customer base properly segmented?
  • Is all client information readily available and financials industrial strength?
  • Do you have FoFA plans and transitioning strategies?
  • Do you have a coherent marketing and organic growth strategy?
  • Do you have readily available and identifiable synergy and strategic benefits for prospective buyers?
  • Are you able to clearly articulate what’s important and not-negotiable to you?
  • Will you achieve the value you rightly deserve?
We know how to present your business in a way that optimises value realisation – be it from a stand-alone valuation point of view or by bringing the buyers and sellers together to optimise synergy and strategic benefits.
Examples of how synergies and strategic benefits increase consideration paid