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At T&C we are privileged to be founding members of the Advice Leaders Forum (ALF).  The ALF has recently published results from its Business Insights Survey and talked about succession.  Now it’s time for T&C to talk practice valuations – real and contemporary valuations – not just the hackneyed catch cry of “3 times recurring revenue”.  The world has changed and our industry has irrevocably and fundamentally changed.  And so, therefore, have valuations.  That’s not to say that attractive prices for wealth management practices can’t be obtained. It’s just that the way to achieve those attractive prices has changed once and for all.

In this ALF webinar conducted by T&C, discover how to obtain those attractive prices.  Discover that by walking in the shoes of buyers you can optimise the valuation of your wealth management business. 

Also discover, as a potential buyer, a methodology for valuing businesses the right way and on ways to get deals over the line.

In our upcoming Webinar, we introduce you to practical tips on practice valuations and explore the methodology that buyers use to assess the price they will pay for an asset.

Advice Practice Valuations is brought to you by T&C, the specialist corporate advisory firm headed by Tony McDonald & Carl Scarcella, who acquired and integrated over 20 acquisitions while running the Snowball Group and who currently advise both buyers and sellers on M&A in the wealth management industry.

Key topics covered

  1. First principles of advice practice valuations 
  2. What buyers want and should look for
  3. Valuation methodology and the “Big 3”
  4. Getting ready for optimising value
  5. Practical illustrations on how to optimise your sale price on realisation
  6. Deal structures

If you take one thing from this webinar, it’s “walk around in the buyer’s shoes”.  In that way you are more likely to achieve your goals on realisation of a “lifetime” or “most prized” asset!

Sign up to the Webinar and join in on the discussion, it may be just the tonic you are looking for in this “FoFA fatigued” world.

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Whether a seller or buyer, this Webinar will lift the lid on contemporary valuations of wealth management businesses.