Forget the F-word; FoFA.  It’s the D-words that matter.

FoFa may be a dirty word at the moment, causing many to angst and reach for the strategy and business re-engineering manuals.  But it’s the D-words that will have the longest lasting legacy and most profound effects on most industries, including financial services and wealth management.

It’s the D-words that will compel participants to re-write their strategies and to re-wire their businesses.

While recognising, and not underestimating, the need to deal with FoFA, the major imperative is to get on with developing strategies for comprehensively dealing with the D-words – or perish as others capitalise on their lasting long term effects.

Here’s a list of the D-words, and over the coming weeks, T&C will be bringing you an overview of each and touching on the implications and strategies for dealing with the impacts.

  • Democratisation of content
  • Digitalisation of delivery
  • Disintermediation of the value chain

There’s a potential fourth D-word lurking in the shadows as well.  We call it Disaggregation – but T&C reckon that Disaggregation may be a little way off and so we will hold off muttering that particular D-word for the moment.

Some know this collection of D-words as Disturbers, or use the collective phrase Digital Disruption – but we will stick with our three D-words and bring you insights into managing the challenges they throw up before they become entrenched expletives that echo around the corridors of your business.

Coming Soon: Our first D-word blog will start with the need to act and to apply a strategic framework that covers the key responses – from the perspective of both opportunities and risk management. Coherent and effective strategies are what’s needed to deal with the D-words.