Creating and realising value

Our services draw on our experience and cover a range of activities centred on creating value for your business and on realising that value when the time comes.  We strive to combine our experience with meaningful client engagement and rigorous processes. Our services include:


Value execution

Whether it’s for creation or realisation, our value execution service means that we work collaboratively with you to deliver results – results that enhance the value of your business along the way and maximise the value of your business at the end. We facilitate the implementation of strategy, in a consultative way that neither usurps the role of the business owners nor leaves them “high and dry”. Our value execution services comprise a number of work streams around both value creation and value realisation.

Value creation
  • Organic growth initiatives
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Acquisition transaction support
Value Realisation
  • Succession planning
  • Sale, divestment and merger transaction support

In the area of value creation, at T&C we are able to work with you to add value through developing and improving:

  • Organic growth initiatives such as lead generation
  • The infrastructure that supports the overall strategy, such as vertical integration, and portfolio administration, portfolio management, advice, CRM and information systems
  • Inorganic growth initiatives such as identifying and transacting suitable acquisitions and mergers.

Organic growth: We work with business owners on their organic growth and lead generation strategies, ensuring initiatives are “on strategy” and tied back to the gap analysis and project plans.

Infrastructure solutions: We are able to review your infrastructure, information and reporting framework, analyse what you currently have, recommend improvements, interpret information and review your commercial activities. This is the pre-cursor to helping you ascertain more precisely and accurately just how the business is actually performing, link your infrastructure needs back to the strategy and identify the opportunities to enhance the value of your business, while better managing the operational and commercial risks.

We then work with you on developing, negotiating and implementing the infrastructure solution that best fits the strategy. Effective, “on-strategy” infrastructure and the ability to turn operational information into value accretion for the business is the ultimate aim.

Acquisitions: Inorganic growth initiatives such as the acquisition of businesses or books of business held within a business are key features of many a strategy.

Inorganic growth initiatives require a detailed understanding of the stand-alone value of the asset being acquired, the potential synergy benefits (for both revenue and expenses) and the strategic drivers. Integration planning is also critical. It’s important to buy well, add value and manage the integration of the acquired business intensively.

Having successfully acquired over twenty businesses while at Snowball, T&C can assist with valuations, identifying the synergy benefits, assessing the strategic benefits and maximising value creation on integration.

Succession: While enhancing the value of your business is important along the way, so is ultimately realising its value. Value realisation is both challenging and complex, requiring a holistic approach, discipline and objectivity. Succession requires a strategy of its own and there are many stakeholders—staff, customers, financiers, family, shareholders, you and others. There is a vast array of issues that need to be considered. At T&C we offer specialised succession planning advice and implementation.

We cover the processes involved to develop the succession plan, valuation methodology, transitioning for succession, business continuity, funding strategies, deal structuring, key personnel development and a range of ancillary services. We identify and help you manage other stakeholders and the specialists required to give effect to the final succession plan, such as lawyers, accountants and financiers.

Sale, divestment and merger transaction support: Value realisation can take many forms and the transactions that give effect to these strategies, particularly those that involve complex sale, divestment or merger issues, need to be intensively managed, without jeopardising the day-to-day management of the business. The key to successful value realisation is not only detailed planning but also setting clear transaction objectives and having the discipline and resources to successfully see it through.

Tony and Carl have worked in M&A throughout their careers, as a lawyer, as an accountant, and as the founders of a successful business that managed its own succession to the benefit of all shareholders and stakeholders. Whether you are looking to sell all or part of the business, divest assets or merge with other like-minded businesses as part of your succession planning, T&C can provide transactional support that empowers you to meet the desired objectives.

Strategy formulation

A coherent strategy, properly executed, is the centrepiece of both value creation and value realisation.

T&C works with business owners to help develop, review and refine strategy in a disciplined and focused way. The result is a cogent and relevant strategic framework that delivers a vision for the future and a measure of control over the desired outcomes.

Our strategy services also include “gap analysis” and project management systems so that the strategic plan is complete and capable of implementation.


Sound governance policies and procedures are critical to sustainable value creation and lead to higher valuations on realisation. The principals at T&C have operated in the listed company environment, where good corporate governance is demanded by the market and by Boards of Directors.
A proper corporate governance structure provides the foundation for strategy implementation, effective decision making, robust risk management and the framework for allocating executive accountability and responsibility. Both Tony and Carl have shaped and implemented the governance structures that are necessary to run a listed company and can apply that experience to a range of organisations, disciplines and industries.