Engagement, experience and rigour — getting the balance right

Our philosophy is simple. Get the balance among these essential ingredients right (engagement, experience and rigour) and the outcome will be sustainable, long term value to your business, coupled with optimal realisation.

Creating long term, sustainable value is about balance and cohesion. Maximising value on realisation is equally about balance and cohesion. We strive to combine a unique approach to client engagement, with our experience and rigorous processes to deliver cohesive strategies and implementation programs – synchronised and in balance.

We engage with our clients in meaningful ways to gain real insights into their business. Insights that challenge and implementation programs that are cohesive and minimise any disruption to day-to-day operations.

Our engagement, communication and facilitation are signature strengths that we bring to every assignment. We strive to collaborate effectively with our clients to deliver strategies and implementation programs that go beyond mere business improvement – strategies that deal with the fundamental changes to the industry happening right now – be they the result of regulatory, market or other forces.

Experience counts, particularly in times of substantial and fundamental change.  It helps to have been through the cycles before and to have exposure to seismic shifts that require correspondingly innovative and material adjustments to current thinking and strategies.  The wealth management industry, like many others, is currently being buffeted by the winds of change – from many directions.  With over 60 years’ experience between the two of us, across a number of disciplines, including law, accounting and the entire wealth management value chain, T&C’s principals bring both experience and a successful track-record to developing solutions for clients.
Experience is one thing, but to make the most of that experience, it should be augmented with rigorous systems and process.  In collaboration with a team of experts in the field of management consulting, T&C have developed a tailored and sophisticated strategy formulation and implementation tool that applies a robust and disciplined approach to the work we do with clients.  The tool draws on disciplines from a number of fields.  A version specifically tailored for the wealth management industry is available exclusively to T&C and its clients.  The tailored version is combined with T&C’s valuation models to create a powerful tool that blends harmoniously with T&C’s engagement process and industry experience.

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Creating success through a strong partnership

Our logo is the symbol for balance. Within the symbol lies an ampersand representing the partnership between T&C’s principals and the partnership approach with our clients. We believe this approach delivers better outcomes in a rapidly changing industry.

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