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Last year a group of industry experts, some of whom you may already know, got together to think about how they could serve the Professional Advice Industry […]

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Normal service is not resumed

With the recent release of the Consultation Papers on FoFA amendments, it’s tempting to assume that normal service has been resumed for financial planners.  Timely indeed that Goldman Sachs contemporaneously came out with survey results showing “alarming adviser stats” that pointed to a material diminution in the number of […]

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Lipstick on a pig is not a good look

It wasn’t so long ago that the term “vertical integration” belonged to supermarket chains and other oligopolies relentlessly pursuing margins across all parts of the value chain.  Now it seems that vertical integration is the term on the lips of many financial services players, although the proposed means of […]

Not drowning, just waving

By all accounts, 11 October 2013 was a seminal day.  It was the day on-line media spewed out endless stories about the “Digitalisation of Delivery”, the 2nd D-word in our series on macro themes profoundly affecting the wealth management industry.

According to the press that day, the industry is about […]

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It’s not just you!

In our July blog (“Forget the F-Word:  It’s the D-Words That Matter”), we touched on the D-words that will have the longest lasting legacy and most profound effect on most industries, including financial services and wealth management.  It’s the D-words that will compel participants to re-write their strategies and […]