Creating and Realising Value

Our services draw on our experience and cover a range of activities centred on creating value for your business and on realising that value.Learn More

Value Execution

Whether it’s for creation or realisation, our value execution service means that we work collaboratively with you to deliver results.Learn More

Strategy Formulation

A coherent strategy, properly executed, is the centrepiece of both value creation and value realisation.Learn More


Sound governance policies and procedures are critical to sustainable value creation and lead to higher valuations on realisation.Learn More
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A successful value creation and realisation story

For us it's not just theory. We have lived and breathed start-up to succession and come out the other side!

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What Clients Say

I have worked with T&C and its principals, Tony & Carl, on both value creation and value realisation for my wealth management business – StrategyOne. They have been able to source and help me bring in a new equity partner –  so now we can take the next quantum leap in our development. The interesting thing in working with them is that they do understand not only my business but also where their skills complement each other – you get the combined value of the both of them. Their contacts, experience, specialist M&A expertise and industry knowledge proved invaluable.
Virginia Heyer, Owner and CEO - StrategyOne Advice Network
I engaged T&C to undertake both strategy and valuation work for LJ Financial, and to help with the implementation of a new capital structure for my business. The input was both specialist and practical and I have ended up with the right result. I now have them working on other aspects of my business – Lynley Hukins, LJ Financial
Lynley Hukins, LJ Financial